tenant representation services

Entering into a commercial lease in Perth often involves entering into a long-term commitment. Like any long-term commitment, it’s imperative to make sure both the premises and the lease terms are suitable to your needs and circumstances. Lease Advisory Services is an expert commercial lease advice firm based in Perth that works with you to ensure that each agreement is stacked in your favour.

Tenant representation is not only about negotiating with a Landlord, more important is how you prepare, putting your business in the best position to mitigate rent costs in the future.

For new commercial leases we can assist with finding the right premises (see Property Find below) and then represent you with negotiating a lease with the Landlord or their agent. By detailed research of the local Perth market we are able ensure the lease mitigates rent costs in the future and takes advantage of market incentives such as rent free periods or Landlord fit-out contributions that may be available in the market.

We also ensure your lease does not contain “old tricks” like ratchet clauses (the rent can never go down) or long terms fixed reviews so you have the opportunity to review the rent at reasonable intervals.  Above all the lease needs to consider your business needs and the circumstances of the business owners.

For existing Tenants our first step is to understand your property lease while providing them with tenant advice and where it stands is relation to market. Key dates include market rent review opportunities and termination dates. These important dates provide opportunities to reduce the rent or mitigate rent increases depending on circumstances as well as to compare your tenancy to available alternative premises which may make relocation a viable option and or create leverage to negotiate with your existing Landlord.

A key factor is being prepared and initiating discussion with your Landlord early so you are not entering into negotiation unprepared and under pressure. If relocation is required or an option, being prepared early is the key so you have enough time to find the right premises and can relocate in the most cost effective and seamless way as possible.

Our Commercial Lease Perth key steps include;

  1. Getting to know you and your business.
  2. Understanding your commercial lease and your businesses current property requirements.
  3. Market research.
  4. Evaluating property options and costs analysis.
  5. Selecting the right property whether that be a new property or the choice to stay put.
  6. Negotiating with the Landlord with knowledge, leverage and options.
  7. Finalising a heads of terms.
  8. Finalising the lease.
  9. Staying in touch and being there to help manage issues, reviews and renewals in the future.

Our Tenant Representation Services Includes

  • Commercial Lease Advice
  • Commercial Tenant Representation
  • Retail Tenant Representation
  • Office Tenant Representation
  • Lease Negotiation Representation