About Us

Company Overview

David McKenna AAPI B.Com (Property)

Lease Advisory Services was established in 2020 by David McKenna to provide small to medium sized businesses with expert lease and property advice for industrial, office and retail leases. With some 20 years property experience as both a Valuer and Real Estate Agent David was constantly reminded of the market trend for Landlords to seek professional representation and property management whilst Tenants predominately undertake lease negotiations and research themselves.

This more than often results in Tenants (being less informed than the Landlord’s agent) agreeing to rental rates above the prevailing market level, as well as other lease terms much as ratchet clauses and fixed rental increases that ensure the above market rental is maintained to the benefit of the Landlord.

A trend over the past few years has been for Landlord focused agencies to offer Tenant representation.  Lease Advisory Services therefore was established to provide a specialist Tenant side firm that is singular in its mission, “to represent Tenants” and has no conflict of interest when compared to firms that represent both Landlords and Tenants.

Our Founder

David McKenna is an experienced property professional with over 25 years property industry experience including property valuation, property management, project management and sales and leasing. Over this time, he has worked for a number of large international agencies as well as some smaller specialist agencies in Perth as well as in Sydney and the UK. David completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Property) at Curtin University in 1995 and is both a Licensed Valuer and Licensed Real Estate Agent.

“Whilst many tenants focus on lease negotiations more important is the preparation to establish
market conditions, market rental levels, comparison with alternative premises and ensuring all lease
terms (not just the rent) will give your business flexibility and the ability to mitigate lease costs going


Our mission

  • Above all it is our mission to save our clients time, stress, hassle and money. Our
    guarantee is to provide advice that adds value and saves your business more than the cost of our fee.
  • To provide 100% Tenant side professional and trustworthy advice so our clients can
    undertake lease negotiations well informed and with confidence.
  • To exceed client’s expectations as to our level of experience and depth of knowledge about leases, current market conditions and rental levels.
  • It is our goal to always be better equipped and prepared than the Landlord’s agents
  • Dependable and punctual our advice will be provided in a professional and timely manner.